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Internship To put our educational goals into effect, the students will take internship before graduation to make sure that they are able to integrate the knowledge learned in the classroom and to combine theories with pragmatic matters. The required internship involves 320 hours of practical work experience at selected workplaces in three areas: tourism, international trade, and language teaching and learning. If the students prefer more realistic job experience, they can take additional practical training for one or two semester(s) in their senior year. The internship can take place domestically or overseas. This department maps out many wonderful overseas internship opportunities with various grants in countries such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam. The work experience in foreign countries provides our students not only chances to interact with the natives and to sharpen language skills, but also realistic understanding of the culture. Such close contact with international people will definitely enhance the students’ global perspectives and work ability and therefore lead to better job opportunities.