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Department Objectives


The Department of Applied Foreign Languages (AFL)

Our Aims

 The Department of Applied Foreign Languages (AFL) develops an international perspective through our curriculum design, and provides various programs including “Joint Dual-Degree,” “Exchange-Student,” “Overseas Internship,” “Off-Campus Internship,” and “Employment Program” that offer you hands-on learning opportunities and firsthand experience.

 AFL develops your practical language skills in international workplace, language education, and tourism areas that are required in the multicultural, technology-mediated background drastically reshaping the educational landscape. Our course design is dedicated to develop your communication, negotiation, cooperation abilities, together with critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a range of language training classes.

 There are two majors in this department: English and Japanese. Curriculum design of the two majors follows an overall curriculum objective.The Cultural-educational Concentration: Through a wide range of foreign language and culture classes, we teach various methods of TESOL, building up cross-cultural understanding that help you to use these principles of language to communicate effectively.

 The International Commerce and Trade Concentration: Through theories and practices offered by abundant classes, we cultivate you to be well-equipped to take your place in the world of business, industry, and other international aspects.

The Tourism Concentration:

We give practical training on technical skills for you to become tourist leaders and tourist guides, and build you the abilities to introduce local culture, tourist attractions, and geographic features of Taiwan.

Faculty and Facility

There are 16 teachers in AFL Department, including four associate professors, five assistant professors, and six lecturers, specializing in areas of TESOL, Japanese, business, and tourist guiding. Small classes, up-to-date learning software, and modern language-teaching facilities are what we are proud of.


 “Joint Dual-Degree”

We offer numerous chances and sufficient grant for you to explore and experience the culture and world where you can apply the language you learn. We offer “Joint Dual-degree” with Okayama Shoka University, Japan, where you can attend that university as a formal student and earn a degree from both institutes. Currently, we are exploring more chances for “Joint Dual-Degree” with universities around the world.

 “Exchange-Student Program”

We offer abundant opportunities of “Exchange-Student Program” with universities around the world. In this program you can experience an exotic life through learning and exploring with international students.

 “Overseas Internship”

We offer “Internship Abroad Program” where you can have your internship in Japan, Thailand, and many other parts in the world.

 “Employment Program”

Employment Program prepares you to be employed with a substantial training program via practical courses taught by people from related industries, plus company visit trips, and internships arranged to familiarize students with prospective workplaces.

Analysis of post-graduate employment

  Graduates of AFL Department find jobs in areas including education institutes such as Sesame Street, Giraffe, and Neurlink private language institutes. Notable examples include graduates having jobs in Pre-school for Taiwanese University in Japan. Some graduates of AFL Department also find good jobs in multinational or international companies.

  Some graduates of AFL Department started their own business. Prominent examples include a publishing and English teacher training company that had successfully sought cooperation with kindergartens in China, a wedding design studio, a web design company, a trading company that had established its regional company in Malaysia, and many others.

  We stimulate curiosity, encourage critical self-examination, and facilitate intellectual discovery. Students in AFL Department learn and grow in a sound and caring environment that helps them to become positive and educated persons.

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