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The Graduation Project

The Graduation Project

1. The definition of graduation project A theoretical framework

consists of concepts and together with their definitions

and reference to relevant scholarly literature that is used

for student’s graduation project. Students use their prior

knowledge and skills to conduct research, and finally

convert the research results into projects. The project

is a teamwork and hands-on experience.

2. Instructor's three guiding principles for self-learning

a. To accept: Take a trusting attitude towards the students

and believe students learn best and make fruitful


b. To restrain: Give appropriate pressure to the students,

and give clear goals in order to guide their research


c. To interfere: While conducting research on topics of

student interest, instructors should maintain proper

guidance and explanation. Prevent students from

losing their ability to learn independently.

3. The following conditions for the materials and environment

are required for the implementation of graduation project:

a. Topic: the topic of project is in line with community,

specialization, and localization.

b. Material: low price and easy to get.

c. Literature search: university libraries, related academic

books, internet resources.

d. Practicality: train students to explore the content of the

subject, and let students have a deeper understanding

of life.

4. Conclusion The graduation project course is mainly to inspire

students to learn independently and develop students' abilities of writing

questions, plans, and logical thinking.