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Introductions to Employment Program


Trade Show Training with Foreign Languages Talents


(An Employment Program for University and College subsidized by the Ministry of Labor)


I. Program’s objective


     The objective of this program is to assist local industries to promote international marketing, and increase the visibility of local industries. Taking students’ English ability as the fundamental basis, the program provides training on the inter-disciplinery skills required for international trade shows. It combines theory and practice for foreign language talents on the profession of international trade shows.


II. Participant requirements

     Senior students of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages


III. Duration


     July 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019


IV. Curriculum

     1. Specialized courses: 162 hours

(A)   Theory and Practice for International Trade Shows: 54 hours, 3 credits



     The course starts from the introduction of MICE components, including conventions and exhibitions. Conventions cover the basic concept of international conferences and the current situation of Asian conferences. On the other hand, exhibitions include international exhibitions and trade fairs. Course objectives are to help enhance the understanding of MICE development; realize the principal elements of MICE development and to acquire the skill of MICE planning and management.


(B)   International Business English: 54 hours, 3 credits


     This course introduces commercial English for international trading and especially aims to train the writing skills of commercial letters, the illustrative ability of commercial products, and fluent speaking in commercial meetings and negotiation.


(C)   English Skills for Trade Shows: 54 hours, 3 credits


      The objective of the course is to train the communicative skills for international trade exhibition, on which occasion proper etiquettes and language use are essential. Course components include knowledge of international etiquettes, training of reception skills, commercial communicative skills, English illustration, fliers and advertisements of products.


     2. Core Knowledge/Skill of 3 Competencies courses: 54 hours, 3 credits


     This course contains three components, knowledge competencies, driving competencies and behavioral competencies, of which purpose is to train the professional understanding and proper attitude in the work place.




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